Alberta’s Estonian Heritage: Collection of Historical Records, 1899-2012

March 26, 2017

It is mostly a 1,057-page paper copy of the Alberta Estonian Heritage Society’s heritage website content, with some added material. Various major archives and libraries requested this format as electronic technology is changing so fast, there is a danger that a website could become unusable if not constantly updated to newer technology. They want a format that will last and does not need electronics to use.

The book is not intended as a normal reading book; rather, it is useful as a reference when/if the website is unavailable.

Grant funds contributed by the National Archives of Estonia and the Estonian Foundation of Canada resulted in the printing of 30 copies, which will be distributed to major libraries and archives in Alberta, in the Toronto area in Ontario, and in Estonia.

Thanks to Dave Kiil and Eda McClung for compiling the book’s contents and Janet Matiisen for cover design.

Helgi Leesment