A New Museum in Vilnius Will House an Exhibition on the History of Migration

January 16, 2023

Lithuanians change the world, and the world changes Lithuania. With this message, the National Museum of Lithuania will invite visitors to better understand the history of migration by the end of this year. The new exhibition will reveal the history of Lithuanian migration and help to understand the process of migration with all its positive and negative aspects.

Visitors will have the opportunity to be acquainted with the main migration waves of Lithuanian migration and their directions, causes and consequences, as well as with the stories of distinguished personalities who have left their mark in the world. The exhibition will offer an attractive way to learn about the most important phenomena and events in Lithuanian migration history, which have determined the development of Lithuanian society and shaped the identity of modern Lithuania.

The new permanent exhibition will be housed at the newest museum in Vilnius. It will be a gift to the city of Vilnius as it celebrates its 700th anniversary. The exhibition will be open all year round from November 2023.