The 75th Anniversary of the Great Escape was Commemorated at VEMU

September 28, 2019

On Sunday, September 22, the Museum of Estonians Abroad, VEMU commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Great Escape of 1944 with the event Songs of Exile. The event was led by Andres Raudsepp. He led musical performances by Järvi Linda, Lauri Kalle, Avo Kittask, and Liina Purje-Lepik. The event also included a short presentation in the format of an interview about the Estonian translation of Dr. Jaak Jürison’s book Viimane rong Eestist and group singing.

From the left: Avo Kittask, Järvi Linda Raudsepp, Andres Raudsepp, Lauri Kalle Raudsepp, Liina Purje-Leppik, Elli Kipper