10th Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe “Cultures, Crises, Consolidations in the Baltic World”

May 31, 2013

The forthcoming conference “Cultures, Crises, Consolidations in the Baltic World” (June 16-19, 2013 Tallinn University, Estonia) in Tallinn is grounded in the realm of the Baltic countries and people who have experienced periods of crises throughout their history: wars and revolutions, plagues and famine, economic and demographic decline. Often enough, periods of consolidation have been followed by just another form of crisis. Therefore, it is important to analyse strategies of adaptation to and representation and remembering of changes throughout the history of the Baltic countries. As a specific focus, the conference looks at post-socialist cultural changes and the emergence of new identities in the Baltic communities at home and abroad, particularly the transformation of everyday life in consumer society and the migration experiences. In addition to the historical view, we call for particularizing current challenges including democratic changes, international security concerns (energy and cyber security topics) and changes in environmental aspects like climate, land use or water resources of Baltic region. Likewise contributions on cultural and societal issues facing the Baltic countries like social movements, lifestyles and new forms of stratifications or social exclusion, youth cultures, education and (un)employment are very welcome.

Traditionally, contributions analysing linguistic issues or literature and folklore of Baltic countries as well as interdisciplinary and comparative studies are the integral part of the programme. Tallinn University is proud of its Baltic Film and Media School inviting you to tackle the exciting challenges that the recent spread of digital equipment and drastic changes in the media world bring to our everyday realities.

Conference secretariat: Kerli Kangro and Kadri Eisenschmidt (balticstudies2013@tlu.ee)