Databases of the Tallinn University Academic Library

Estonian Diaspora Bibliographical Database (VEART)
The database contains current analytical bibliography of articles published in expatriate Estonian newspapers and major journals worldwide since April 1999. Only original articles and other materials concerning the life of expatriate Estonians are selected and described for this universal database; reports on Estonia or reprints of articles originally published in the Estonian press are not included. All entries are provided with keywords. The database, created in 1999, continues the card catalogue describing the contents of expatriate Estonian newspapers from 1990-1999 and major journals from 1944-1999.

Fiction by Estonian Diaspora Authors in Foreign Languages (VEILU)
The database contains fiction by Estonian diaspora authors in foreign languages published abroad since 1944. The database includes translations of the works by Estonian writers who emigrated to the West in 1944 as well as fiction by expatriate Estonians and their descendants written in foreign languages. All entries are provided with keywords.

Estonian Diaspora Biographical Database (VEPER)
The database contains biographical and bibliographical data of outstanding expatriate Estonians from different areas. The facts base on the materials published in the expatriate Estonian press with a reference to the concrete source.
The development of the existing card catalogue into an electronic form, with the perspective of making it available in the web, started at the end of 2004. Data on new persons is constantly added and the existing information updated.
The database VEPER has direct links to the Estonian Diaspora Bibliographical Database VEART, to the joint catalogue of Estonian libraries ESTER and to other similar material on the Internet.
In addition to the present electronic database there is also an extensive card catalogue in the Estonian Diaspora Literature Department.

Expatriate Estonian Journal Estonian Church
The database contains the contents of the expatriate journal Estonian Church from 1950-2000. Besides its main topic the journal has published articles on culture, history, literature and art.