Databases of the Archival Library (Estonian Literary Museum)

BIBIS –  general analytical retrospective bibliography of Estonian periodicals is compiled of the periodicals issued in Estonia in 1930s. Total of 114000 entries have been entered into the database. The metadata is linked to the database of Estonian Digitised Newspapers (DEA) that is accessible online.

DEA –  the database of Estonian Digitised Newspapers (DEA) has been supplemented with ca 700 rolls of microfilm with ca 440 000 picture files by AL. The database is compiled in cooperation with National Library of Estonia and with the Academic Library of Tallinn University since 2003.

ESTER –  AL is a member of Consortium of Estonian Libraries Network. In 1999 a common electronic catalogue ESTER was started. All the acquisitions are entered into the database upon their receipt. Retrospectively, the publications since 1543 are catalogued and information about their exemplarity and distribution is added. Ca 580 000 units have been entered into ESTER by AL. The AL collections currently hold 990,000 items, 58,5 % of which have been processed in the electronic cataloguing system ESTER.

ISE –  The AL participates in the compilation of the Database of Estonian articles.

ISIK –  database of pseudonyms – 28,000 items.

The electronic catalogue of memorial collections –  ca 33500 entries have been made into the database.

GRAFO –  AL has its own digital library GRAFO where more than 400 publications (mainly calendars) can be found in the format of picture files.

KIVIKE – Archival copies of all the digitised publications in the format of tiff files are routinely inserted into the repository; the priority is given to the files of the books belonging to the collection of Red Book of Estonian Publications (1632-1917). KIVIKE is developed as the general digital repository of Estonian Literary Museum, therefore it also contains manuscripts, photos, audio files and other documents on Estonian cultural history and folklore.