Archival projects supported in 2009 by the Compatriots Programme, the Estonian Ministry for Education and Research:

1) Tartu Institute, Dr. Endel Aruja’s personal archives and library – digitising of sound films and microfilms

2) University of Tartu, Rescue mission to Tomsk for the copying of data about repressed Estonians

3) University of Tartu, Preserving and making accessible manuscripts of Estonian exile scholars at the Tartu University Library

4) National Archives, Restauration of sound recordings on unstable carriers and migration of the recorded contents onto digital carriers suitable for long-term preservation

5) National Archives, Arranging exile Estonian cultural heritage and making it accessible

6) National Archives, Work with photographic records depicting the life and works of exile Estonians: their arrangement, description, preparations for digitising, digitising, the purchase of packaging materials and packaging of the original records

7) National Archives, Digitising of exile Estonian archives and making them accessible in the ‘Saaga’ environment

8) National Archives, Making digitised exile Estonian archival records accessible

9) National Archives, Estica in archives abroad: expeditions and purchase of copies

10) Estonian Archives in Australia, Participation in the Baltic Heritage Network Conference

11) Estonian Archives in Australia, Digitising of a photo album compiled by Hans Vilper,’The flight of Estonians from their homeland. Refugee Life in Sweden in words and pictures 1944-1946

12) Foundation of St. John’s Church in St. Petersburg, Places connected with Estonians in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt

13) Estonian National Congress in Sweden, Arranging the archives of Swedish Estonians, continuation project

14) Estonian National Museum, Systematising, complementing and introducing exile Estonian collections

15) Tallinn University Academic Library, Preserving and making accessible exile Estonian cultural heritage

16) Baltic Heritage Network, The NPA Baltic Heritage Network’s events for exile communities and archival co-operation

17) Baltic Heritage Network, Development of the web portal ‘Baltic Heritage Network’ and home pages of émigré Estonian archives

18) Estonian Literary Museum, Collecting source materials of exile Estonian cultural history and arranging them at the Estonian Cultural History Archives

19) Estonian Literary Museum, Filing and making accessible Baltica/estica printed materials

20) Estonian Literary Museum, The choral life of Toronto’s Estonians after the Second World War

21) Estonian Literary Museum, The collecting, filing and digitising of Siberian Estonians’ cultural heritage in the possession of private individuals

22) Alberta Estonian Heritage Society, The Alberta Estonian Heritage Society.

23) Repository Library of Estonia, Making information regarding the Repository Library’s exchange collection of exile Estonian printed materials accessible, and exchanging them with other libraries and memory institutions