Archival projects supported in 2008 by the Compatriots Programme, the Estonian Ministry for Education and Research:

1) Tartu Institute (Toronto), Arranging Dr. Endel Aruja´s personal archives

2) Tartu Institute (Toronto), Arranging and describing collections of the Tartu Institute Archives

3) Estonian Society in the Federal Republic of Germany (EÜSL), Completing the arranging of the Estonian Society’s archives and complementing the archival collections

4) Estonian Society in the Federal Republic of Germany, The publication of photo album “Estonian Society in the Federal Republic of Germany 1945-2007”

5) Tallinn University Academic Library, Estonian printed word in Russia 1918-1940

6) Estonian Archives in Australia, The preservation of SES Linda’s flag

7) Estonian Archives in Australia, Participation in the summer school for Estonian archives abroad

8) Czech-Estonian Club, Estonian societies and clubs in the Czech Republic

9) Estonian Academy of Arts, The Academy of Arts’ XXXI Finno-Ugric research programme’s field works in Estonian and Karelian villages in the Russian province of Tver

10) Estonian Academy of Arts, Exhibition ”Siberian Estonians”

11) Estonian National Congress in Sweden, Arranging the archives of Swedish Estonians, continuation project

12) Centre for Estonian Diaspora Studies, University of Tartu, The repatriation of Estonians 1945-1953 II

13) Institute of Cultural Research and Fine Arts, University of Tartu, Correspondence with homeland: collecting personal and family correspondences of Toronto Estonians for the Tartu Institute Archives and the Estonian Central Archives in Canada

14) Institute of History and Archaeology, University of Tartu, Finding out and copying the sources of Estonian history in Russian, Polish, and German archives

15) Polarfilm Ltd., Documentary ”Caucasian Estonians”

16) Institute of Estonian Language, Digitizing and transcribing language material, putting it up on the Internet

17) Foundation of St. John’s Church in St. Petersburg, Publication ”The Estonian St.John´s  Church in St. Petersburg”

18) Estonian National Museum, Systematizing, complementing and introducing exile Estonian collections

19) Tallinn University Academic Library, Preserving and making accessible cultural heritage

20) National Archives, Arranging and making accessible exile Estonian archives

21) National Archives, Estica in archives outside Estonia: expeditions, compiling a list of records taken to Russia, and complementing the database

22) National Archives, Obtaining utility copies of Estonia-related archival materials from Russian archives

23) Baltic Heritage Network, The development of the information portal Baltic Heritage Network

24) Baltic Heritage Network, Baltic Heritage Network’s archival help to Estonian communities and Estonian memory institutions abroad

25) Baltic Heritage Network, Baltic Heritage Network’s Estonian archives abroad working group’s events for the representatives of exile communities

26) Estonian Literary Museum, Estonian Folklore Archives, Collecting the heritage of Russian Estonians, archiving recordings, digitizing analogue recordings

27) Estonian Literary Museum, Archival Library,  Archiving and making accessible exile Estonian printed heritage

28) Estonian Literary Museum, Department of Ethnomusicology, The role of musical contacts in connecting Canadian Estonians with Estonian society

29) Estonian Literary Museum, Estonian Cultural History Archives, Collecting and making accessible the sources of exile Estonian cultural history in the Estonian Cultural History Archives

30) Estonian House in New York, Arranging the archives of the Estonian House in New York, continuation project

31) Estonian Central Archives in Canada, Estonian Central Archives in Canada – the research of the historical film archives