Archival Projects supported in 2007 by the Compatriots Programme, the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research:

1) Tartu University Library, Filing and making accessible exile Estonian scientists’ archival heritage in the Tartu University Library

2) Tartu Art Museum, Studying and mapping exile Estonian art and art collections (Karin Luts, Erik Haamer)

3) Estonian Literary Museum, Archival Library, Filing and electronic processing of exile Estonian printed heritage

4) Tallinn University, Preserving and making accessible exile Estonian cultural heritage

5) Estonian Literary Museum, Estonian Cultural History Archives, Collecting source materials of exile Estonian cultural history and making them accessible in the Estonian Cultural History Archives

6) Estonian Literary Museum, Estonian Folklore Archives, Collecting and making accessible the heritage of Russian Estonians

7) Karl Ristikivi Society (Estonian archives abroad working group), Creating home pages for exile Estonian archives, IT-support for archives

8) Karl Ristikivi Society (Estonian archives abroad working group), The development of the information portal of the Baltic archives abroad

9) Karl Ristikivi Society (Estonian archives abroad working group), 2007 events for the representatives of exile communitites

10) Karl Ristikivi Society (Estonian archives abroad working group), Issuing the publication of the International Conference on Baltic Archives Abroad

11) National Archives, Expedition to the archives in Russia

12) National Archives, Publishing archival guidelines

13) Department of History, Tartu University, The history of repressed Estonians in the archives abroad

14) Department of History, Tartu University, The archives of the graveyards of Russian Estonians

15) Department of History, Tartu University, Estica in the archives of Siberia

16) Estonian National Museum, Complementing, systematizing and arranging exile Estonian collections

17) Centre for Estonian Diaspora Studies, The development of the Centre for Estonian Diaspora Studies 2007

18) Estonian Literary Museum, Collecting archival materials of Brasilian Estonians

19) Association of Estonian Archivists, Publishing ”Estonian Archives in Exile”

20) Vanemuine Society, Publishing the book ”Estonian St.John’s Church and School in St.Petersburg”

21) Department of History, Tartu University, Collecting biographical memoirs and photos of Australian Estonians

22) Estonian House in New York, Arranging the archives of the Estonian House in New York

23) Estonian National Congress in Sweden, Arranging the archives of Swedish Estonians;

24) Under and Tuglas Literature Centre, Marie Under 125;

25) Foundation of St.John’s Church in St.Petersburg, The history of Estonian press in St.Petersburg;

26) Centre for Estonian Diaspora Studies, Tartu University, The repatriation of Estonians 1945-1953;

27) Tallinn University Academic Library, Estonian printed word in Russia 1918-1940;

28) Vanemuine Society, Supporting the compiling of the book ”Estonians in Riga”;

29) Veronika Mahtina, The history of Estonian St.John Church in St.Petersburg;

30) Department of History, Tartu University, Involving Russian and German historians in bringing unique sources of Estonian history into scientific discourse;

31) Hiiumaa Museum, Creating and introducing the archives of exile inhabitants of Hiiumaa in the Hiiumaa Museum, guaranteeing preservation conditions and public access.

32) Estonian Society in Cologne, The archives of the Estonian Society in Cologne in the Federal Republic of Germany;

33) Institute of Estonian Language, Digitizing and transcribing exile Estonian language material, laying out language examples on the Internet.