Baltic 100 Conference in Toronto

October 1, 2018

September 21 and 22, 2018 a Baltic 100 conference was held in Toronto in collaboration with the Baltic Federation in Canada, the Estonian Studies Centre/VEMU, the E. Tampõld Chair of Estonian Studies at the University of Toronto, the Compatriots Program, the Estonian Foundation of Canada, the Estonian Central Council in Canada, the Latvian National Federation in Canada, and the Lithuanian Community in Canada.

The conference 100 Years of Baltic Republics: Statehood and National Cultures in the Globalizing World featured speakers from all the Baltic states and included a celebration of Tartu College’s 48th birthday. Estonian National Archivist, Priit Pirsko presented the Dr. Vello Soots Memorial Lecture. On the final day of the conference the opening of the exhibit Estonia Through 100 Pairs of Eyes was opened. Read more about the exhibit here

View the full conference program here